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The thing about yellow label (or whatever colour they happen to be) offers in supermarkets, is that they're there to train you. Like a puppy dog. As soon as your brain makes the connection between savings and the corresponding colour, you begin scanning the shelves instead of identifying particular items.

The supermarkets are conditioning your brain. The amount you're saving doesn't register immediately; all you know is that you're going to spend less.  That's why they're used at every possible opportunity, even there's little or no genuine benefit to the customer:

Of course, should the exhumed and stinking corpse of Oliver Reed be popping round for dinner, you'll save a small fortune. Thanks to Bitterwallet reader Mike Ryan for sending us this astonishingly lacklustre deal from Aldi. It costs the retailer a penny, but how much more do they sell by going OTT in promoting it? If you spot a similarly piss-poor effort at your local supermarket, send them in to [email protected] Ta!


  • Tony
    Thats a Lidl sign...not an Aldi sign.
  • jaysexy212005
    That's a bargain....
  • Liddle m.
    Hey, did you know that I once knocked on Oliver Reed's door as a teenager spending a summer working in Guernsey? Saw him down the pub - in fact went to the pub especially to see if we could see him - and when we failed to wriggle into his company, popped round to his house after closing hoping to get invited in for a mad drinking session. Unfortunately, his butler/friend/man who wards off the silly wankers very politely told us that Mr Reed had retired for the evening. So yeah, how dare you talk about a person who was so very nearly my drinking buddy in such a way!
  • mick
    jeez these posts get more desperate everyday I check back, get a real story mate!
  • Andy
    Wonder what that tastes like at 2.63... bet it was lush at .64!
  • Mike H.
    Funny you should mention it, 'Oli' is actually popping round tonight for 1 or 23 beverages, I'll be sure to pick up this massive bargain, then we'll laugh jovially as we sup on our cheap brews, whilst I mop up all the worms and skin and shit that 'Oli' drops on the floor from his stinking still rotting corpse, oh joy.
  • fido
    Did you know that the Ticket that you actually show( £2.64 to £2.63 ) belongs to 'LIDL' ( I used to work there, so know oh to well what their price cards looked like ? ) ;-)
  • Paul S.
    I do know, cheers!
  • stvnites
    Aldi - Lidi -Aldi - Lidi.......hmmm its a Lidi prrice reduction. Look at the stupid price card from the 80's. Aldi wins hands down. (their staff don't smell)

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