In the shops now! - spectacles for the deviant in you

We'll be dead honest with you - if we were in charge of flogging cheap pairs of glasses online, it would never occur to us to name a range of frames after a sexual deviant. Well, it'd probably our first thought, but we wouldn't actually go through with it.

Maybe that's why we're a bunch a lazy failed hacks who sit on our fat arses all day, and not the marketing gurus at Perfect Glasses, because instead of pretentious names such as Hero or Azure, Perfect Glasses have taken a far more revealing approach:

Bitterwallet - Glasses - for the Perv in all of us

Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Esther for that. Anymore? Send it all to [email protected]


  • Nobby
    I'd prefer to wear a pair of pervs than a pair of jims. Timmy Fucking Mallett.
  • Lord L.
    Hey, they look like my specs! No wonder I cant hit on girls!
  • Binky
    These guys any good? Bargain for £15 quid if true!
  • charitynjw
    Are they X-ray specs, then?
  • jimbobblington
    You can also get fully rimmed for £15. What great service.
  • nelgrd
    On a serious note dont use them. Crap company. Loads of bad reviews about them on shobby, then shobby removed them.

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