In the shops now! Special K special offer is a special price

Avid Bitterwallet reader Andy is one of those clever chaps that writes computer programmes. It's his type that will inevitably lead to the US missile programme developing a maniacal AI and the eventual thermonuclear obliteration of mankind. Cheers Andy. In the meantime, he's been tickled by the generosity of his local ASDA in Bristol:

Bitterwallet - ASDA price FAIL

If you can take time out from bringing on the End of Days by popping to the shops, send the results to [email protected]


  • barry w.
    What a pile of [email protected] I can't believe i clicked this link - what a waste of time
  • jonstorm2000
    oh lighten up barry (and no that's not a sizeist quip), go deeper than the surface on this gag. What percentage of Asda \ Walmart customers would actually buy 2 of these thinking it was a good offer cos the big red shiny label said so? I'll be generous and open with 5%. Higher or lower?
  • Nobby
    As with every other multipurchase deal, does the offer include other products in the range? If so, could the total for another product plus this one be more than £4? If so, good deal. If not, you will be charged £3.86 for two packets of the above product.
  • Shopdis F.
    Yawn, its tiresome for umpteeth time we see this shit!
  • Gunn
    Jesus H Christ, THIS is newsworthy???????? Why don't you go piss in your bath and publish that instead? Surely the next logical step?
  • Harry B.
    I don't even need Special K so have no idea why I wasted my time on this [email protected] !!!
  • Pokey
    I have to admit, I have enjoyed some of the stuff written here recently after clicking links from HDUK out of bored curiosity. But to echo above sentiments, why do you continually insist on making such a stupid fuss about this completely uninteresting load of shit? It's better to write nothing than to write complete fucking garbage. Yes - shock and indeed, horror! - people do in fact make actual mistakes. Bitterwallet, this is not a theoretical perspective in need of repeated documented evidence. Yes, dumb fucks in supermarkets make mistakes. But then the dumb fucks running this site make more mistakes by thinking people will be interested or amused by their relentless cataloguing. And yes this dumb fuck has most likely made a mistake in moaning about it (I usually pass this crap by with a sneer, but with this latest waste of screen space I have reached something of a limit). No doubt this crap will continue to appear and drag down the average quality of the writing on this site - which is only at the level of a lonely and bitter self-superior sixth former anyway. Fucking enough of this crap already.

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