In the shops now! Something's afoot with this eBay deal

When eBay was still coming of age a few years back, people tried selling anything and everything on it. Since then the novelty of auctioning crapola has faded, prices have stabilised and you have to hunt high and low to find a gem of a bargain. But while we'd like to think that a pair of Nike Air Max for £9.99 is a steal, this footwear has previous. Specifically, a very sweaty, very active former owner:

Bitterwallet - Nike Air Max (used, stained, stinking)

On the plus side, the seller is at least honest about what you can expect for your money:

"As you can see from my pictures you are bidding on a pair or well loved, well worn, sweaty, trashed trainers of mine. They have been well lived in and well loved. I have used them for training in, working in, painting in, playing football and other sports and all sorts of other things. Its fair to say they have a smell that is unique to themselves. The soles are very smooth and are cracked across from one side to the other. Plenty of live left in them yet and I'm sure someone can find a use for them."

So you're not simply buying a pair of knackered trainers, you're buying character. What price can you put on that, eh? A penny short of a tenner, it seems. Cheers to Bitterwallet reader Peter for the heads-up; if you spot anything on the shelves - virtual or real-world - that's out of the ordinary, email us at [email protected] You'll be glad you did.


  • selondoner
    This sort of thing is usually considered as a "fetish item" and is removed by ebay pretty quickly.
  • no
    i lold so hard u guise!!1111111111111
  • iPhone
    I'll swap for my iPhone.
  • chris
    item interested in these
  • randoof
    selondoner is right, these things often sell well. Other items that sell well are used underwear tights etc whatever peels your banana
  • Steven S.
    Hey, Randoof, I don't wanna hear about you and your boyfriends.

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