In the shops now! - Sex! First, brush your teeth

Our quest for the great British bargain continues, and yes, once again we arrive at the automatic doors of Tesco and their infamous yellow labels. This time however, there's no disputing the maths involved; rather, the curious combination of goods on offer. Of course, it's never good to get your sex on without considering your dental hygiene; who knows what bacteria could be spread by those special trouser kisses:

"Took this picture in Tescos at North Shields a week or so ago. Oddest Buy 1 Get 1 Free combination ever, methinks," says Bitterwallet reader Ian, who submitted the photograph. North Shields, eh? Explains it all, mate. Don't forget, if you see something altogether odd while perusing the online stores or those fancy brick versions popping up everywhere, take a photo/screenshot/charcoal rubbing and send it to [email protected]


  • The B.
    Surely you'd be better off with one of these ( for your electric toothbrush?
  • si
    sometimes having no teeth gives a smoother trouser kiss so save your money during the credit crunch and dont brush or pay for a dentist.
  • Amanda H.
    Cool, new toothpaste, haven't seen this one before, I wonder what flavour it is? This should be posted on HUKD.
  • Jeb
    Awesome, now I can really penetrate those cavities with my toothbrush
  • hairy
    wahay durex play on bogof! best lube ever.... :-)so says my missus...
  • johnny
    erm - maybe im missing the part where it says the bogof can be a mix of them..? if so - whoops if not - what a waste of space

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