In the shops now! Sainsbury's taste of Summer is oddly familiar

Isn't this weather brilliant? Yes, Summer is here, until Wednesday at least - then it's back to Autumn and nine long months of nuclear winter. But before then, you've got all the excuse you need to continue your sunshine binge drinking, so why not do so with Sainsbury's sterling effort to rip off Pimms?

"Reading your story about Aldi's budget version of Bisto," types Bitterwallet reader Rik, "reminded me of something I saw in Sainsbury's the other day that I very nearly mistook for the genuine article. It's Sainsbury's brand of summer cocktail":

"They reckon that 'independent tests' found that it beat the 'leading brand', but if that's true, why have they gone to some lengths to ensure it looks the same?"

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  • Joff
    I think it's great - now I no longer have to read the labels to fathom what's inside. Instead, I watch adverts that the likes of Diageo spend quite literally pounds on to make sure their brand image is firmly burnt into my grey matter, only to be switch-sold to cheaper brand when the prices are displayed at POS. Can't beat it. It's probably all made in the same factory anyway, no doubt somewhere in Eastern Europe.
  • nipper
    Yeah looks identical!!!! Same label, similar name, same cap, shit on a stick it even looks like the bottle is the same shape!!!! Whatever will taste the same??????
  • wombat
    Yep I see it now - the bottle and label do look similar to Teachers whiskey.
  • Nobby
    > Tests undertaken at Wirral Sensory Services Limited 2009 Tested on scousers no doubt.
  • Andy
    Me and the wife saw these last time we went to Sainsbury's and were laughing about it for ages. We had friends round for a BBQ at the weekend and were upset we forgot to get any.
  • limesmoothie
    Never mind that - does it taste like Pimms? I need someone to report back, then I can stock up for summer boozing as it s currently £6 a bottle in my local Sainsburys.
  • lee n.
    This is taking the micky, I'm surprised they got away with it. I'm all for a bargain, but when an own brand deliberately rips off a brand like this it's just wrong. Deliberately passing off your product as someone elses isn't right.

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