In the shops now!: Reconditioning the unreconditionable

So there's been a slump in mobile handset sales, but surely that doesn't mean Orange have to resort to recycling top-up vouchers?  Yes, you too can buy a pre-owned £20 airtime voucher, and it's yours for the bargain price of £20:

Unfortunately the process by which airtime is reconditioned is still in its infancy, so it's unlikely your airtime will be completely clean of previous conversations; you may hear filthy sex talk uttered by the original owners of the voucher, or a discussion had while in Sainsburys about what to cook for tea.

Alternatively, Orange could give someone a slap round the back of the head and ask them to use a design template other than the one for re-conditioned goods. Thanks to Chris Webb letting us know; if you've spotted a deal that only makes sense if you squint at it through a sponge, send it to [email protected]


  • Bigger D.
    Let me stress that this is NOT a sectarian slur..... ORANGE, BASTARDS!!!!
  • P E.
    £20 for used filthy sex talk is potentially a bargain!
  • Mike H.
    I bought a polished turd off of eBay t'other day.
  • Chris W.
    Last time I submit something if I not gonna get any credit for it!
  • Paul S.
    Chris, my sincere apologies - your post was above one from Ducky. Now amended to recognise your sterling work!
  • Marko
    Lol it should come with a health warning,the odd throat infection or cough may still be present,this disclaimer may prevent several lawsuits!!
  • Chris W.
    LOL many thanks - I was only kidding! Some sort of credit pun in there somewhere.

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