In the shops now! New Tango - but be careful how you hold the bottle

[Thanks to Joff]


  • Nader
    Good work Britvic for getting that through trading standards :-)
  • Chris
    A few years back when I was moving into halls at uni, my Mum gave me a load of stuff she had from home to save me a bit of money. In there were some Cadbury's hot chocolate sachets. One evening whilst going through my cupboard, I spotted two of the sachets, and noticed that the patterns lined up. Putting them together, I burst into a fit of laughter on the floor:
  • Bill B.
    Sounds like time to post this then...
  • Aran
    Chris... hahaha brilliant. I work in graphic design, you'll be amazed at how many sub-conscious and hidden things we put into design
  • Joff
    I think it was a can, not a bottle. Cheers anyho Andy.
  • Andy D.
    Can, bottle, carpet, rug, it's all semantics.
  • Joff
    You may very well say potato.
  • FRONT T.
    [...] stuff. Via those penny-pinchers at Bitter Wallet. VN:F [1.4.8_745]please wait...Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "NEW TANGO [...]
  • heidi
    i just recently chucked away my bottles of boobee =[ what a great name for a drink!

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