In the shops now! - more or less a deal from Richer Sounds

Place one hand over your left eye and read the following deal with the right eye. Then place one hand over your right eye and read the following deal with your left eye. Then read the following deal through a pair of marmalade jars smeared with Marmite. At some point you should be convinced you're making a substantial saving at Richer Sounds:

Thanks to HUKD member AdamBaz for spotting this mathematically confounding deal. If you spot an example of a deal that defies space/time, let's have it sent to [email protected]


  • Jack
    Haha, what a saving
  • Simon H.
    £359.95 minus -£10.00 is £369.95.... Simple maths... I am going to rush out and pay the extra tenner.....baaaaaaaargain (NOT)!!!!! :o)
  • Bullet
    Makes sense, You usually get the saving shown without the minus sign ie Was £39.99 save £5 Now £34.99 but richer sounds deal is save negative £10, so the money gets addded on, Whats the problem, Are you smarter than a 10 year old??
  • Pokey
    This is a fair and honest way of showing a price rise. Nothing wrong with it at all. Maybe it's still a good deal; just £10 less of a good deal?
  • burke
    i paid £300 for that tv from john lewis at christmas
  • PJ
    Would have been funnier if they had put -£359.95 -£10.00 as we all know two negatives make a postive (PJ, GCSE Maths Level 1, 1987)
  • Dave S.
    I'm going to barter and see if I can get an extra -£20 off it
  • Nobby
    I bought the same TV from John Lewis too just after Xmas, for £300 inc a five year warranty - when they priced matched Richer Sounds.
  • Bargain
    LOL. Amateurs compared to Currys though. Click on Junction 9 Birmingham. The KEf cinema kit says its half price - check what the original price was. LOL.

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