In the shops now! More dog-rotten signage

It’s that Marmite part of the site again – the time when we report back from the frontlines of the supermarkets and expose their idiocy when it comes to special offers. Stay tuned because later in the week, we’ll be exclusively revealing which of the big supermarkets managed to chronically mess up a major display, muddling up the spam, jam, ham clams and essence of ram. Doh!

Firstly, here’s a beery foul-up from Tesco, courtesy of Paul Walters. Hmmm, do you go for the 18-pack that’s on SPECIAL OFFER or do you just get 3 of the 6-packs and save even more money?

Paul told us: “I was so irate that I came back later once the shop had closed and hurled a thousand cow hearts against the window.” No, of course he didn’t.

Secondly, nextly, lastly and finally, Andy Priestly snapped a wrong-headed shampoo offer in his neighbourhood Asda. Which is it going to be – 2 for £1.86 or 2 for £3? Dare you even try to find out?

Andy tells us: “I was so enraged that I came back later once the shop had closed, got on my hands and knees and barked at the trolleys for about half an hour.” Except he obviously didn’t.

Definitely lastly, and as a deviation from the In The Shops Now norm and a vaguely unpleasant afterthought, here’s a sign your correspondent spotted on the back of a van in Sunderland – from a signwriter who is also a self-proclaimed ‘oral sex specialist.’ Funny, we thought that’s what ‘gold leaf and gilding’ and ‘window decals’ was anyway… but click on the pic for a closer look.


  • The B.
    The oral sex thing is true, he can talk about it for hours, although he's never actually had it, and lives with his parents but he has an extensive collection of videos on which to base his knowledge of lady bits on.
  • Lever
    That has to be one of the worst logos for a sign writer EVER. LOL
  • Simon
    I thought gism was spelled with a J?
  • bernard b.
    Signs?! - it looked like a logo for cheese.

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