In the shops now!: More ASDA yellow labels gone bad

See, we don't just have a thing against the yellow labels at Tesco; we're quite happy to giggle like infantiles at ASDA, too. No discrimination round here, mate. HUKD member woodrowwyatt knows where we're coming from, and recently snapped this deal at his local store:

It's most likely a a pair of mis-matched labels, but this sort of thing is important, what with this being the job of supermarkets and all. If air-traffic controllers were equally lackadaisical about numbers, then planes would fall out the sky. If you seen label tomfoolery at your supermarket, and a plane hasn't fell on it yet, take a photo and send it to [email protected] Ta!


  • Bob
    "and a plane hasn’t fell on it yet" I'd give that a D for grammar.
  • Andy
    Not a yellow labels gone bad but an example of Asda at it's best. During a re-organisation of their Long Eaton store, I was searching for the J2O and was advised by a handily placed sign that it could now be found on the Fruit Juice Isle, where is that exactly, off the coast of the Banana Republic perhaps.

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