In the shops now! - meal or wholemeal?

Bitterwallet reader Sheikh Mahand has noticed a cruel marketing tactic designed to either rob customers blind or covertly preserve the world cheese reserves, after last week's devastating and highly publicised outbreak of Irish cheese weevils in Donegai:

"An enticing deal from Boots (I think) - this was a sandwich (deep fill cheese, if I remember correctly) that solely contained four slices of bread. A total snip at £1.20, and of course who could refuse the price slash of twenty pence?"

Bitterwallet - meal or wholemeal at Boots?

We can read something about a Greek-style yogurt mayonnaise so perhaps the good Sheikh misread the label - still at 30 60 pence per slice, it's probably still cheaper than a loaf from Marks & Spencer. We'd like more of your supermarket shelf oddities please - send them to [email protected]


  • Junkyard
    Could be worse, most packs of sandwiches contain two slices of bread at most.
  • Popov
    Boots: Conquering childhood obesity one lunchbox at a time!
  • Adebisi
    I see 2 slices of bread or was it an uncut full square sarnie?
  • Paul S.
  • applesux
    Paul did not have is IPHONE with him to use and app to find out how many slices of bread are necessary to prepare a sandwich.
  • chrisg.
    I think applesux is a repressed apple wannabe owner.
  • Stevie
    to me it looks as if the film has been opened and bread put in the package. looks a bit loose around the left hand side
  • Sheikh M.
    Please...Sheikh Ma hand . . . . nobody else noticed?
  • H
    Not the BW team!
  • Steve B.
    was that a shitty mobile snap, or a representation of the ohoto-taker's ketamine-impaired vision?
  • Steve B.
    i meant photo, before I get ripped to shreds
  • applesux
    @ Crisg. Oh yes... I love overpriced trendy crap!

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