In the shops now! Madhouse offer you a deal that's no deal

One of two things is likely to have occurred here - either Madhouse in Manchester's Arndale Centre have been selling this product at way over the odds and robbing customers, or they've always sold them for £4 and want to give impression they're now a bargain. Pity they've left the RRP price in clear view:

Bitterwallet - Madhouse, The Arndale Centre, Manchester

Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Patrick for the scoop - your  suspicious sale items and other retail-related paraphernalia please to [email protected]


  • Haleema
    HAHAHAHA! Arndale is my local shopping center... I used to think it was SOOOOOOOO amazing(only cuz of santa,im 16 now) Now,Id rather shop at the petrol station for kicks with friends :p
  • goon
    fascinating what a life you have led so far please tell us more. do you own an iphone ? i'd guess yes

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