In the shops now!: It has to be ASDA. Unless it's doesn't.

Dehydrated rice and noodle products - they've got many of us through a tight spell (financially speaking, at least - they're no good at oil changes or providing a plausible alibi to your wife about your "business trip")  they'll no doubt see us through a recession. That was surely Bitterwallet reader Matthew Twigg's thinking, but disappointingly his local ASDA has other ideas on the matter:

That's ASDA price. Sort of. More of your suspicious special offers, supermarket-stylee, to [email protected] please.


  • Joff
    48p for some super noodles? What a rip off! Mmm... a nice bar of dairy milk
  • Hilly
    Unless I'm mistaken that is rice, not noodles! Noodles were 50p when I bought some last night!
  • M.Y.88
    "business trip", yer dirty dog make sure the wife don't read this or you'll be on thin rice . . .
  • tits
    this is getting really boring now. next.
  • midnighter
    yes, Website exposes scumbags who are conning people. Its great to see all this stuff. Find another website if you dont like it.
  • B A.
    This sort of stupidity more common than you may think in supermarkets. Honestly believe its just stupidity!My local Sainsbury has packs of bread rolls at 3 packs for £1 on special offer. Reduced some close to sell by date to 40p pack! Total price for stale rolls £1.20p for 3 packs. Bargain
  • Leggy M.
    I still find these funny. However I also find old people falling over in the street amusing so maybe I'm not the typical consumer.
  • choc-chic
    Hilly - Morrisons has Supernoodles for 4 for £1 ( a real offer HURRAH!)
  • Mike H.
    ASDA aren't stupid, they haven't made any mistake, they know that anyone who buys super noodles is stupid, so they might as well make another couple of 'p' out of themand their loose wallets.
  • Hilly
    Cheers for that choc-chic!
  • bob
    Seen another one in Asda also, 12x Smartprice toilette rolls £1.25, Price for 4x Smartprice toilette rolls 41p.

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