In the shops now!: <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">Frozen</span> raspberry ripple mousse! Yum!

Today we have a Tesco yellow label of a different kind. This isn't a jalopy of a special offer or some mystifying new product line. Instead it's perhaps the most outrageous lapse of intelligence ever displayed by a supermarket shelf-stacker, an oxymoron which in itself requires the record books be rewritten.

This is the Reduced To Clear shelf at my local Tesco. And there in the middle of it, where they've seemingly been for longer than a day, is a packet of Tesco Value Frozen Raspberry Ripple Mousse:

Their reason for their appearance on the Reduced To Clear shelf was that they'd been compacted together; all of the frozen mousse was outside the container, rather than in it. However, the trouble with these shelves is that they're nowhere near the freezer aisle. In fact the Reduced To Clear shelves are entirely unrefrigerated, and about as chilled as a camel's crotch.

As well as melting inside the bag, that delicious value mousse had dribbled all over the shelf, meaning the other items enjoyed their moussy drool. Given that I was in early and they'd already melted through, they'd obviously been there a while. Congratulations Tesco, Bitterwallet salutes you and your dazzling food hygiene standards.


  • charz
  • Martin
    or was it put there by the guy who goes around denting the tins of custard?
  • Andy D.
    I thought that said 'the guy who goes around denying the tins of custard.' Can there be ANYTHING worse than a custard denier?
  • Martin
    Worse than a custard denier? The mayo wanter.
  • Random
    Did it have a clearance bar code on it? I've often walked around a supermarket and I have seen people leave unwanted items on random shelves, including a pack of chicken on a shelf with the rice, a leg of lamb in the cereal aisle and random other refrigerated/frozen items-mainly ice-creams/yoghurts put well away from any chilled areas.
  • Juan K.
    It's the same bloke that puts johnnys and odd shaped containers in your basket, the barsteward!
  • Will
    What a s*it article.
  • mick
    getting desperate here. Clearly just someone dumped it there, I work in a supermarket and it happens day in, day out.
  • apple
    Looks Delightful
  • mark
    Best to leave it where it is then if it was just dumped? Can't believe a single of member of staff didn't see that and clean it up :(

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