In the shops now! Extremely expensive XBOX goodies

Littlewoods seem quite insistent that this XBOX 360 Elite console wireless entertainment pack should be priced the same as a console pack - then again even that's expensive, since plenty of outlets have a XBOX Elite 360 console pack including two games for far less. The description is for a XBOX 360 Elite but the title and image are for a pack worth far less, so lord knows what you'll end up with if you order one - the sales process offers finances on the higher figure so we're not prepared to part with £269 to find out:

Bitterwallet - XBOX 360 at Littlewoods

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  • Nobby
    People that shop at Littlewoods deserve things like this.
  • Bob
    Only a pure Twat would consider buying this shite.
  • ButterMan
    Only 31p per week! APR 2,657.88%
  • Alex
    Sometimes i loose faith in humanity - we have grown fat and want everything on a plate and no longer use our brains - they have all been consumed by flesh eating zombies! In this case common sense needs to prevail..... Firstly the word "console" in the title tends to be a giveaway Secondly the text of the content is also a bit of a giveaway, Thirdly the price is also a big giveaway Also anyone looking for a 360 would know that microsoft have released an elite console pack with this in it for a bargain price of £199. Finally - sometimes £3 billion % apr is sometimes the only way that people can afford things like this, if they want to spread payment over the next 3 years until then can get the 720, thats their choice i suppose. Finally Very also has this for a more reasonable £215 payable over three months interest free....15 over the odds but you at least get quidco and for those daring enough to try a voucher code, could be had for less than the store. I feel much better now - off to take my tablets
  • Brad
    Very true Alex, I could sort of understand if it was something that was vital like a car or tools for work or something like that to get by, well you still be abit mad at them rates! but fuck me why cant people just save up for stuff any-more? If you can aford to get it, Great! If not wait, you never know it might even end up cheeper! Some people just need to learn how to say no some times. God I sound like im 46 not 26!

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