In the shops now! Every little helps, just not very much

Fancy a bottle of fizz for under £20? If only Tesco had some sort of unmissable deal breaker that'd ensure choosing your champers was a no-brainer. For Bitterwallet reader Steve, it nearly was - until he realised the saving on offer wasn't quite nearly enough to sway him:

Bitterwallet - Tesco knocks a penny off champagne

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  • iBone
  • matt
    its not i work there we have a few items like this that are on clearance where someone has inputted 1p discount instead of a % happens all the time
  • Mark (.
    iBone is an absolute moronic twat, just ignore him.
  • pete d.'re living on past glories now!
  • Tom G.
    I saw these in our local tesco last week, ain't worth the hassle for a penny!
  • Steve B.
    yes iBone. Do you think I might have photoshopped out the shit focus as well while at it? tosser. Made me chuckle anyway. Was worried the local Catford 'yoot' might have wondered why I was papping a bottle of fizz though, so beat a hasty retreat after snapping this HD treat of a photo...
  • dacouch
    My friend who works at Tescos informs me that Tesco's do this when the item won't scan through the tills, so they slap on a reduced label with a new bar code and knock off a minimal discount eg 1p
  • Norks
    Dacouch makes sense - up yours everyone
  • Fiyero
    Tesco had the big tins of choclates at £10 and buy one get one free, one was dented and reduced to £9 (and thus not BOGOF) so a terrible discount compared to the £5 each (if bought in twos)

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