In the shops now! Erm, no thanks...

[via Unique Daily]


  • Nobby
    Is it (a) made from babies, (b) made for babies, (c) baby sized compared to their bigger sausage or (d) made to make you feel like you are giving birth to a baby the day after eating it?
  • Nobby
    Do they do a baby black pudding version?
  • Narfette
    I assume, as on the picture, your baby developing hollowed out eyes sydrome, is a side effect
  • Bet S.
    Re- narfette It appears to be part of the x files conspiracy for world domination!
  • Jase
    Ingredients: Pork, Water, VEAL... Could the name be a reference to that? (baby cows) As for the the picture, wtf?!

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