In the shops now! Double means trouble for choc chip cookies

So there's the price for a single pack of Maryland cookies at Tesco in Axminster. And there's the price for a twin pack of the same cookies. Not only is it more expensive, but the twin pack appears to be normally over three times the price of a single pack. Which is the special offer again?

Good job, Tesco team - your unique understanding of mathematics could probably solve the global recession - if only they'd talk to you, and not those so-called "financial experts". The fools. Thanks to BW reader Gavin for the spot - your label lapses please, to [email protected]


  • That A.
    HAHAHAHAHAHHA you have outdone yourself once again bitterwallet you fags
  • math t.
    £1.48 does not equal "over three times the price of two single packs" (88p). Yes they are dunces but so are you, dunce.
  • Mickey
  • Big G.
    Methinks this blog is where all the trolls live...............
  • randoof
    this is also true of tesco value garlic bread, 2 x single = less than the double pack
  • Bullet
    Look @ it carefully its not 1.48 for a double its £1 (its save 48p,so it used to be £1.48 but it aint now)and 44p for a single
  • math t.
    Article says: "Not only is it more expensive, but the twin pack appears to be normally over three times the price of two single packs. Which is the special offer again?" "twin pack" = £1 or £1.48 normally. "two single packs" = 44p x 2 = 88p Article says £1.48 is over 3 times the price of 88p Please tell me which calculator you used.
  • Bitterwallet o.
    Bitterwallet are giving you their 2 comments for the price of one offer. Combine great info like over three times the price a single pack with amazing detail like over the price of two single packs quick get a camera and post this on bittertesco Oh and my legal services are available for hire, if you can find me...
  • Paul S.
  • Mewling P.
    If any of you donkeys would look at the image a little closer, you'd see that the labels are for 2 different products. This article is basically saying "Look - there's 2 completely different things..... WITH DIFFERENT PRICES!!!!! What's more...... ONE OF THEM'S MORE EXPENSIVE!!!" Open your eyes, losers.
  • andy y.
    This whole supermarket shelf pricing cock-up thing had ran its course.move on lads
  • Narcissus
    I think you guys are milking it a bit, Supermarket misprices are really not THAT funny.
  • Nobby
    I don't see the problem anyway. If you are crap at maths, you pay more. So Tesco are actually helping today's youngsters by saving them money if they learn maths. What nice, kind, altruistic people they are.
  • jamespir
    perhaps you have pay for th extra packaging
  • Tall S.
    @Mewling - wromng again troll.
  • Mewling P.
    @Small I'm not wromng. Learn to read.
  • Brian
    I like cookies, taste really nice dunked in a hot cup of tea.

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