In the shops now! - Don't shop for it, Argos it

Another day, another high street brand heading for the wall. But mystery upon mystery, Argos appears to be funding its own attempt to enter administration. Rather than allow the depressed economics to drive its business costs up and rob them of sales, it's decided to stop caring and simply give its stock away.

No, that's probably all untrue. It's far more likely to have been the fault of some dozy sod in the warehouse, one of the many unseen rat people who scurry away behind the scenery to fulfill orders, like daylight-starved Umpa Lumpas. Regardless, as Bitterwallet reader Zain points out in his video for us, Argos are clearly capable of epic single-digit counting FAIL:

If you've an example of in-store / online doziness, send it to us please - video, image or carved into the hind of an angry bear - to [email protected]


  • GreyScale
    Man that was a dull video. That monotone-voiced dude could have said all that stuff in under 15 seconds.
  • ellbee
    Huh GreyScale? I thought the bloke was entertaining and did get the point across leading up to it but hey - I guess I'm biased as I'm also Scottish.... and he was well cute!!!!!
  • JohnCrapp
    One word dude. Ebay. You know the rest. :-)
  • buckrogers
    Ever kissed a girl?
  • Ross
    Happens all the time in Argos. I remember years ago buying a 7 inch portable TV, out came a box about the size of a normal 14" portable TV which I happily took. Opened it up and there were 8 seperate units inside : ) ... Being the honest person that I am I took one of them back for a refund.
  • Hugomontenegro
    Sorry I lost the will to live half way through the video.
  • Laurz
    Where the hell is Arr-goes?
  • Andy
    "Aaaar-gooooooooes" ?
  • Martin
    Two and a half minutes for him to be honest, and say "nothing exciting".
  • Michel
    Laurz and Andy, grow up you trolls or go back to the playground.
  • Andrew R.
    My Uncle ordered a 42" Bravia from M&S just before Christmas - they delivered two! And they never came back for the second :)
  • anon
    why are you all so negitive? be happy!
  • Will
    LOL. How fucking boring.
  • Joff
    As he says in the video: "nothing exciting". How true.
  • Andy
    At least the way he said "Arrrrrguus" is a tiny bit interesting.
  • phil m.
    Don't care. Stop complaining like a loser. Just go on your 'commute' and don't come back.
  • Gus
    Bunch of crooks. At least he did the right thing and gave back to the shop. Those who wanted to ebay it... good thing that the karma will get back to you through paypal!
  • SJT
    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz He said it himself. "just thought I'd share it, NOTHING EXCITING" and where the hell is Arrrr-goes?
  • Netizen
    He'll be on a advert by next week, just you watch!
  • Chilliman
    Come on people, we all know the Scots don't have a personality, of course it was boring! They can't even pronounce Argos correctly.
  • Zain
    Ha ha Thanks for the comments - some of you's should be comedians (end of sarcasm). I've yet to go back to "Arrrrr-goes" to return these, and yeah I could of very easily put them on eBay but hey...
  • lol
    /\/\ the man himself :)
  • Ura N.
    You have no use for these??!!?!?! GET EM ON FLEABAY LADDY !!!!!!!!
  • SJT
    weak. Sell them...

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