In the shops now! Customers who bought this, bought... what?

We hadn't heard of BargainCrazy until Bitterwallet reader Ross Erskine emailed us, so unfortunately we're not in a position to confirm or deny exactly how crazy the bargains are. They may be relatively sober, they may be completely batshit mental. We just can't say for sure.

Plenty of merchant sites rely on recommendations to increase average order value; for example, a quick look at Amazon tells you customers who bought Round Ireland With A Fridge by Tony Hawks also bought his other books, and those with a similar theme. Pretty straight forward stuff, but very powerful at teasing a few extra quid from the customer's credit card.

BargainCrazy attempt the same kind of logical narrative to increase their sales.  Take for example, a Servis M0330 Fridge Freezer:

We're sure it doesn't look that blurred in real life, although in all honesty we haven't seen one - note to BargainCrazy webmaster: when clicking on "detail view", customers might expect to see more detail, not less.

So you've bought your fridge freezer, then. What crazy bargain do you think BargainCrazy will recommend as a suitable addition to your order? A washing machine? A food blender? Kitchen utensils, perhaps? Nope. There can be absolutely no doubt whatsoever that customers who buy a fridge freezer would also buy...

That's right. A purple blouse:

Because that's the first thing you crave once you've somewhere to stick Aunt Bessie's Yorkshire Puddings. At least we know BargainCrazy are on-brand with their deals. More consumer madness please, to [email protected]


  • -=Mike H.
    My word, what a smashing blouse... Every bird knows, that to look like them bints in the adverts for 110% off kitchen, they need to get themselves... 1. Fridge Freezer 2. Morgan Slinky Batwing Top
  • jee
    Surely that's just an automated process of what people bought? (as it clearly says) Where exactly does it say that BargainCrazy recommends it?
  • Andy v.
    someone seems to have removed jee's funny bone.
  • jee
    If it actually said "Recommends" then it would be funny. But reporting incorrectly to try and get a laugh is just poor imo.
  • Ducky
    @ jee... Amazon's tool produces very relevant results. That's generally the idea. I'm sure we could find some similar humorus examples on Amazon though... I do find the "detailed view" hilarious here.
  • WhistleBlower
    @Ducky I know someone who worked for a very large online store who told me that these "Other customers also brought" lists which Apple, Amazon e.t.c. use is actually a preset list of items defined by the company which the company wants to promote, rather than an actual account of what customers brought.
  • test
    @WhistleBlower, I think some web guy must have linked the fridge with the wrong product in that case, or else they were desperate to sell a load of purple tops
  • Mike
    @WhistleBlower That's not very honest then, in the future Ill steal anything I would have brought from SCAmazon
  • Dready
    I clicked on the blouse expecting to see that people who bought the blouse also went on to stock up on white goods. No such luck. The detail view is a little better though.
  • WhistleBlower
    @Mike Thats the whole point, to ensure you buy more products before you click on the checkout button.

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