In the shops now! Cost Cutter don't cut costs, they trim them

Yes, it's utterly childish and puerile. And yes, once again we're laughing at silly misspellings. Nevertheless, this photo taken in Cost Cutters by Bitterwallet reader Cmike1000 did make us giggle like pissed-up twelve year-olds:

Bitterwallet - Cost Cutter doesn't cut costs, it trims them

Beard is funny word, simple as that. As is clam. And fist. Oh hang on, there's a pattern. Anyway, more of your childish stuff and nonsense please, to [email protected]


  • Joff
    I laughed at the word "bulbous" over the weekend.
  • Beard E.
    I would rather eat hair from a mans face, than put another slice or even crumb of Hovis Wholemeal Bread into my mouth. It is absolutely rancid!
  • Gunn
    White processed bread bungs you up for a week, might as well digest superglue.
  • MrsCasanova
    @ Joff, where does it say bulbous, am I blind? lol and ya i thought this was funny too.
  • Joff
    @MrsC - it doesn't say bulbous, I'm saying bulbous. It's like where Paul said "clam" and "fist" :)

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