In the shops now!: Complete and utter yellow label FAIL

They're back, because you demanded them! Or at least, because you didn't not demand them and kept sending them in. Hooray! Let's get to the shizzle. HUKD forum member Disneyfan sent this picture, taken last weekend at Dundee's Riverside branch of Tesco:

Says Disneyfan: "The product is 63p, and on offer at 3 for £2 - a total extra cost of 11p, but advertised at a saving of 37p. Wrong on so many levels." Yep, you can't even argue that the products in the range are all different prices - you have to invent an entirely new branch of algebra to make that label make sense.

You've seen similar in your local supermarket? Good news. Take a picture and send it to us at [email protected]


  • Ben
    Probably a faked image. There was one yellow label image the other day which had been obviously faked...
  • Ciprian S.
    looks real... seen something similar but no saving/extra... product was £1...offer was buy 3 for £3
  • doober
    same old story on here, thee will be higher priced items in the offer, as there always is. this is getting rather tedious now.
  • aya
  • disneyfan
    Ben. Wish I was that good at photoshop, I wouldnt have to work bloody night shifts then and be in tesco at stupid oclock in the morning looking for snacks! Saw the label you are on about on here the other day though, and yea, probably, but this one is for real!
  • Report B.
    [...] to avid and longstanding readers of this mighty organ, and out high profile investigations into Tesco and their yellow label scandals. No doubt Which! were thumbing through their back issues of Bitterwallet and copied the idea. We [...]

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