In the shops now! - Choose Tesco for all your food solutions

Because "CHEESE", "MILK", "BISCUITS", "FRUIT", "BREAD" and more importantly, "READY MEALS" are too functional to be hanging above the supermarket aisles, Tesco in Royston has hit upon a far less pleasant way of describing your groceries. Now you don't know whether your food will be solid or liquid:

Really, did anybody have a problem describing a ready meal as a "ready meal"? Cheers to reader Justin Howard for the photo - keeps sending yours to [email protected]



  • Joff
    Shouldn't that read "Boxes of salt"?
  • Blocked A.
    having "contains less than 50% trans fats" might be a better sign
  • Amanda H.
    What is trans fat? Is it when a boy pig gets confused and starts dressing up in girl pig undies, goes to the vet for a quick snip & tuck, but gets chopped into sweet & sour ready meals?
  • pauski
    Sign should read "Can't cook" or "No cooking tonight" please, please seperate them fat people..please.
  • cri[pps555
    why don't we all just live off ensure............ yummy
  • Dave
    Strange choice of colour for a Tesco sign. Looks like somethign you'd see in Sainsbury's.

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