In the shops now! - Brad Thor and the tea towel dilemma

After yesterday's particularly foul entry, we're determined to keep you abreast of more supermarket pricing oddities that make no plucking sense. Ah ha ha ha. Stop it. Please. And so to Morrisons in Killingworth, Newcastle where HUKD member webkami spotted the sort of eye-catching deal that's nothing of the sort:

Ever heard of Brad Thor? Of course you haven't. Who the christing hell is Brad Thor, people keep asking me. Exactly. That's why his book is in the ASDA sale for just £2.96. But remember, you have two eyes so buy a copy for each for just £7:

Thanks to Bitterwallet reader Gary Laffery for sending us this breaking Brad Thor news*. Keep them coming please, to [email protected]

* that'll be Brad Thor, the #1 New York Times bestselling author. Bugger.


  • magicbeans
  • Wintersmute3
    I've had arguments in Tesco Express about this sort of malarki. They hate me now : (
  • jaysexy212005
    Thats asda price

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