In the shops now! Bisto vs Quixo - spot the difference

It's the opinion of marketing people the world over that you and I are completely without a clue, entirely lacking in common sense, and suffer blindness in one or both eyes. Rarely a day goes by when there isn't a commercial, a promotion or a special offer that addresses us in the manner of a child conspiring with the pet cat.

It doesn't stop there. There are hundreds of products on our shelves which are cheaper imitations of other popular products. Instead of turning this difference into a price-based benefit to the consumer (as Tesco or Sainsbury's do with their value ranges), marketeers attempt to seduce the customer into thinking it's the same product, just at a lower price:

"I was shopping in Aldi," says Bitterwallet reader emmajk42, "and glanced at this shelf of what I thought was Bisto gravy granules... but it wasn't. It was Quixo."

The similarity is uncanny, which is a nicer way of calling it a patronising rip-off. And Quixo sounds like a type of fast-setting concrete. Have you spotted budget groceries disguised as their more expensive counterparts? Let's hear from you please - send your photos to [email protected]


  • Mike H.
    I saw some parsnips painted orange called Carrettes?
  • Nobby
    It nothing new ... this is a Mexican knock-off Martell from 1937.
  • detailista
    This is a pale imitation, especially the vegetable quixo - it was like wallpaper paste. No competition here.
  • Derek
    Saw them interview senior management of Aldi or Lidl on telly a couple of months back and this is standard practice, they only stock one item per line (eg one brand of cornflakes not lots) and make it look like the leading brand to make it more familiar to customers (easier to find, more comforting for kids, etc etc)
  • Magz
    Yeah... don't want your kids to know your a tightwad =D Of course the fact that they're unable to read the label due to your half-arsed parenting probably means they're probably aware that you're a scummer already. Though how they would muster the intellect to work that out is a tricky mystery. HELP ME, ANGELA LANSBURY.
  • Amanda H.
    Did I mention I used to work in a skanky food factory? Want some more pain do you? We used to produce ham for all the big shops (Tesco Asda etc) aswell as Aldi Lidl. We used the same product for all, and just change the labelling. But what I didnt understand, sometimes the Aldi/Lidl labels ~looked~ as though the item was produced abroad-foreign text & images, even though it was the same product as everything else. Why would they go out the way to make the product look inferior? Unless they wanted everyone to think if its foreign, it must be cheaper because we live in rip-off Britain!?
  • MSG Q.
    I'm so proud. Sort of. When I bought my domain name WWW.QUIXO.COM, I quickly found out it belongs to an airfare search engine -- (well really the search engine is qixo), an Italian CD/DVD manufacturer and a French strategy game. This is by far the finest product bearing the Quixo name and I must have some.
  • In B.
    [...] your story about Aldi’s budget version of Bisto,” types Bitterwallet reader Rik, “reminded me of something I saw in Sainsbury’s [...]
  • jean
    can't any of you make your own, instead of whining

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