In the shops now! Attack of the killer tomatoes?

Morrisons know how to tease. What exactly lies underneath the blue gingham tablecloth? And can it ever stand up to the spectacular, time-bending, tomato-related boast below it?

We don't know exactly what it is, and in fact we can think of no piece of futuristic technology that relies so heavily on tomatoes - but maybe you can, so let us know in the comments below. Even if you haven't a scooby, idle speculation and clever answers are always enjoyed and appreciated.



  • adamck
    Morrisons taking the eco friendly home idea wayyyy too seriously
  • Matthew
    That's not how you spell tomorrow, either.
  • Bill O.
    if they have tomorrow's technology today, doesn't that make it inherently today's technology? Unless it's a tomato-powered time travel machine.........
  • Andrew R.
    It's not tomorrow's technology, it's Mr. Tommorow's!
  • Paul N.
    Yeah I think they are missing a space and it's "Tom Morow's technology today"
  • Mike e.
    It's the Technology belonging to Tomorrow, so it's Tommorrow's.
  • Tommy J.
    Epic grammar fail Mike, sorry to break it to you.
  • Tom M.
    I had no idea my name was to be put to this wretched, tomato-centric product. in an effort to reduce teen stabbings, we made a prototype knife that can only slice through tomato and tomato based products. It worked quite well, then some chav from Romford worked out that in order to bypass it's 'tomato only' cutting properties, you simply flicked ketchup on someone. The whole thing turned out quite ugly. The plans got leaked, and, well.... :(
  • Graham N.
    It's probably only well advertised GM tomatoes.
  • Mike e.
    Try again Tommy, Google that shit, boiy, sorry to break your sister in.
  • Simon
    It's not some clever piece of Morrisons marketing, it's a crap marketing device which took about 3 days of some illiterate northener's time.
  • Mike e.
    Ahh, I see, the extra M I thought you lot were on about the punctuation, so it's Tomorrow's not Tommorrow's and Tomorrow's not Tomorrows, are we clear now? Right
  • Duke
    Is it a spell checker?
  • bernard b.
    Tomorrow. Divs.
  • Judgejules
    Just seen this in Tesco Royston, a slimy little man giving away a free stainless steel veg peeler and cutter, yours for nowt on the hour every hour. He made 7 tannoy announcements while I was in there and that was only about 10 mins. I was going to get one but the blue rinse brigade were so tightly packed round the stand I could not be bothered.
  • Nobby
    Could you not have grabbed one of these peelers and used it to threaten the blue rinse brigade?
  • Bill O.
    so what morrisons are claiming is that tomorrow's / Tom Morow's technology is a peeler and a knife combined? Truly groundbreaking stuff.
  • bernard b.
    Who T F peels tomatoes? I know you might want to peel them for sauces but you dip em in hot water for that.
  • Jase
    I'm guessing "Tommorows Technology Today" didn't include a Spell-Checker...

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