In the shops now! ASDA's six of one vs half dozen quandry

Monday dinnertime - a new week has begun and a fresh zest of energy runs through the Bitterwallet office, like lemon juice dripped into the eye. And as we opened up our mailbox this morning, a spanking new batch of shifty-looking deals at your local supermarkets awaited. Hurrah! But good news naysayers, because for once we're giving Tesco the day off, since Bitterwallet reader Rob G popped into his local ASDA at the weekend:

"They really don't value their customers IQ's highly," comments Rob. We say ASDA have made a crockery of the situation, that's it's a crock of you-know-what, and that the sticker in question obviously belongs on a mug. Aha ha ha. Nurse, bring the industrial-strength cotton for our sides. Quickly.

Let's have some more please. Keep an eye out for these shady offers when you next visit your local supermarket, take a photo and send them to us at [email protected]. Ta!


  • Mike H.
    I bought some chicken wings for the dogs at the weekend, they were reduced, (no, not the dogs) from 98p to 85p said the little flashy sticker, however on closer inspection, the 'original label' stated they were 85p to start with! Robbing CLUNTS! (Thats CLUNTS Mr Moderator, not CUNTS, as that would be rude.)
  • barky
    asda dont use labels like that-asda reduced labels are yellow. so whatever supermarket its from it aint asda.
  • Alan
    Barky, actually that is Asda. Thats the same font as the "woops" sticker they used to have. Youll find this is on the crap that is put out at night for purchase last thing.
  • Jacob
    Why the hell do you keep posting this crap up? Nobody cares.
  • Helen
    I found a non-bargain this weekend in asda - a big sign saying 5 low energy lightbulbs for £1 then underneath that in slightly smaller writing £1 each - no idea which price was correct so left it!
  • bob
    barky, My Asda has always had the reduced labels like they are in the Picture, Suggestion here is go have your eyes tested,L.M.A.O.
  • Rob B.
    Phew! For a minute there I thought after heading to my local out of town Asda, bought a basket of shopping, seen the receipt saying ASDA and headed home that I was infact duped by a *VERY* well disguised Tesco.
  • Gus
    Once those bastards put bitten and rotten apples in a bag which you could npt see through and marked reduced to 50p. They would not be fit for the bin!
  • Andy
    Why the hell do you keep posting this crap up? Nobody cares. Me too, BOOO FUCKING HOOO

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