In the shops now! - ASDA's non-existent deal caught on film

Another day, another pointless deal, another example of point-of-sale material designed to coerce you into buying more than you need without making any savings:

Bitterwallet reader Alistair caught ASDA in the act - with its sale of disposable cameras and the ENORMOUS but completely irrelevant point-of-sale signage. Let your fellow readers know who's trying to rob the money from their pockets; send your photos to [email protected]


  • HugoMontenegro
    Do they have a limit on how many of this offer you can take up? At these sort of savings it's worth stocking up.
  • Martin
    Was this picture taken with a 27 exposure Fujifilm single use camera with flash?
  • -=Mike H.
    Might I congratulate Alistair on a particularly well composed shot, worthy of some photographic award for its depiction of 'bargain craziness in economic turmoil' TBH, for £14 (2xcameras, + 2xdevelopment + fuel, + Time) you might as well get yourself a digital camer FFS.
  • cam
    Another day, another non-existant deal that doesn't explain the full story. Where other types of disposable camera included in the offer? Any other photo evidence, etc etc.... I notice fewer and fewer people are posting on here!
  • Jeffrey
    You should see my local Tesco then - I've seen this type of crazy talk a few times, and even a couple of times found BOGOF deals that work out more expensive than just buying them individually...
  • Gus
    My Local Asda are a bunch of cheats! Once they put a bunch of rotten apples in a plastic bag which you could no see through and sold as "offer". Yesterday I bought a "fresh" loaf of bread that they have sliced and wrapped and the bread must have been a leftr over from Jesus Christ time! Hard and dried! I don't trust them anymore, next time I will open whatever I am buying in front of them. Rant over
  • Paul S.
    Odd thing is, Cam, you've been posting on Bitterwallet since it began, under six different names - all despite the fact you don't rate it, don't read it and don't see the point of anything. Honestly, it's baffling.
  • Codify
    If this got posted on HUKD it would get voted 1000+degrees, particularly if it was only available at one particular store as an end of line deal. Rep added.
  • wombat
    @Cam: Why so bitter against bitter wallet? Stores should be called to account on their misleading deal offers. In this case it's irrelevant whether there were other cameras included - at least one item in the offer had no discount in the deal so the deal is bogus and misleading.
  • Craig
    "Let your fellow readers know who’s trying to rob the money from their pockets" Tesco is according to mysupermarket they sell the same camera for £2.42 so great offer from ASDA. As others have said sometimes on these multibuys they might be other higher priced items that are included so there is no saving buying two of the cheaper items but you know if you want a £2 camera and another thing on the offer you will not have to pay more than £2 on the second item.
  • Alistair
    Glad I caused some discussion @cam there is, was and only is one type of camera - If you don't get the humour here there are always other websites you could lurk in. What you can't see in the picture is that this was actually one of those 5 foot tall cardboard stands. Crazy

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