In the shops now! ASDA serves up Halloween

Back in my day, Halloween meant a bit of fake blood and false vampire teeth for some, maybe sticking a cushion up the jumper and pretending to be Quasimodo for others. It meant knocking on all the doors in the next street for the kids, and all the neighbours going to the pub for the evening, or staying at home and playing Doctor Hook at an ear-piercing volume to drown out the knocking. Good times.

25 years on, Halloween is seemingly all about buying a life-size butler (1.8 metre tall) that does nothing except entertain pissed students and freak out young children to aid bed wetting. Thanks, ASDA!

Bitterwallet - life size butler for Halloween

There's a Bitterwallet prize to the first five readers who send us a photo of them posing with this monstrosity. Send them to

[Yfrog] via [@andybee]


  • Scott
    I saw this thing last night. Do not want.
  • dacouch
    Is the prize your giving away for the "Winners" a life?
  • Amanda H.
    I like this, I'm going to drill some holes in his eyes and feed a few red lights in them, maybe even have a smoke machine in his pants. Saw his head in half and get a pigs brain and entrails stuffed in him. Or even cheaper, hijack a cadaver from the nearest car accident.
  • Dean
    Bought 2 yesterday! awesome! 70 pound each , these will do until i can afford my own real butler, great for keeping kids away from house!!!
  • You B.
    [...] Bloody brilliant. Yesterday we told you about ASDA’s big Halloween draw this year – a lifesize butler costing no less than £70 of your hard earned coin. Preposterous, we thought. Nobody in their right mind would bother their [...]
  • Peter C.
    I saw one of these in Russia, at a nightclub where a local hostel serves its breakfasts. Freaked the shit out of me then, freaks the shit out of me now.
  • Asda B.
    [...] nation’s hearts have been captured by the Life-size Butler as currently on sale in Asda. He’s a Halloween special, although we feel the response has been [...]
  • Walmart B.
    [...] will be following suit and flogging coffins over here. Offering walking talking versions of their spooky butler as pallbearers could be a serious moneymaker [...]
  • laura
    hey is he really for sale i want 1 for my halloween wedding this october(2010) someone answer me please i have been net searching for days for 1 of these help
  • kirsty
    they sell them on ebay
  • Janet B.
    Ive have the butler, Very good, also this year they have brought out a witch on a broomstick roughly 5ft high talks and moves head also very good Ive got my all ready
  • Shash
    Hi Janet Britt We really wanted this butler last year but were late. Not sure if you would like to sell it? Regards Shash
  • julie
    I'm looking for a halloween butler if any one has one to sale please email regars Julie

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