In the shops now! ASDA prices pop up

Nobody has complained about the lack of this feature in recent weeks, but that's ok. We get it. You're busy people. You've been meaning to hammer out a letter of complaint, but just haven't got around to it. Hold that thought, because it's back, baby! Today's contribution comes from Bitterwallet reader Scott, who was of the opinion of ASDA's own brand meant the prices were lower:
Bitterwallet - in the shops now! ASDA price pops up
We suspect some cheeky scamps have slipped additional "20" tags in there - that said, Cherryade is a top pour, and Andy has been known to pay up to £4,000 for a 2 litre bottle of pink fizz. Anymore? Yes? Good. Send them to [email protected]


  • Martin
  • Shadow
    @Martin Agreed
  • Tom P.
    Posted by Martin | September 18th, 2009 at 3:27 pm "Photoshop." Yep, couldn't even get the colour under the 20 correct.
  • The B.
    What gave it away, was it the different shade of red around the "20"? Someone actually wasted a fraction of their life doing that.
  • Bill B.
    Why isn't this on HotUKDeals? This is a BARGAIN!
  • Steve
    Yep - you can tell by the pixels
  • Alex
    lolwebsite is lol You actually think that someone would be stupid enough to stick up a "3 for £120" sign in asda? Ok, you might need to be a couple of screwdrivers short of a toolkit in order to actually work in a supermarket, but THIS idiotic? Sorry.
  • Scott
    I'm the one who took this photo and no, its not a photoshop. It was originally 3 for £1.50 but they decided to lower the price and rather than getting a new sign they just cut out some 20's from another sign and placed them over the 50's but they didn't cut out a gap for the decimal point hence making it look like 3 for £120 I may be sad, but i'm not sad enough to just edit a photo to get it on to BitterWallet.
  • J-Roc
    Lol Scott, seems you can't win! If it was a photoshop it would actually be an incredibly good one - take a closer look at the '20's and you can see they are different and both have different reflections on top of them...

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