In The Shops Now! - a sour deal for the sweet tooth

Either you're vaguely tickled by In The Shops Now! or you couldn't give two figs. We're not that bothered - we're here to expose high street gaffes and the psychological tricks of the trade, and here's yet another Tesco yellow label deal that makes less sense than a brass tit:

"I stood there tonight for a few minutes trying to work out why I was being thick, but I couldn't get it," comments Bitterwallet reader Dave Sowerby. Do you see, Tesco? Do you? You're causing distress to your customers with your demonic yellow labels. It's only a matter of time until a child dies. Do you hear me?

More of these please, or anything else you see in-store that doesn't make a lick of sense, to [email protected]


  • Peter
    You are not being thick, it simply doesn't make sense, I wonder if you take 2 up to the checkout will it really come up 2 for 1.20 as i think it may see 2 and just discount a certain amount so it would be less than 2 bars.
  • Brian
    mmmmm Dairy Milk, i don't care how much it costs....i want some NOW
  • Amanda H.
    At least you know there stuffing you before you buy. There's nothing like buying loads of what you think are offers, carting it home, only to realise you didn't get the discount you should have. Somerfield are good for this.
  • zeddy
    @ Amanda: Aren't they just! Good riddance to a frankly piss poor supermarket chain.
  • Nobby
    Isn't this the same as normal with In The Shops Now! posts? The 2 for £1.20 offer is for all the products stated on the label - Crunchie, Flake, Dairy Milk, Picnic and Boost. The 47p only applies to the Dairy Milk bar. Take two Dairy Milk to the counter, you will be charged 94p. The offer allows you to mix and match if you want to. You just don't save as much if you buy one of the other bars and a Dairy Milk, compared to if you buy two of the other bars. The photographer should stand back a bit, and take photos of the yellow labels for all the products, so we can see the discounts for the other products too.
  • > H.
    I remember the days when 47p would buy you 2 bars of the suagry brown stuff !!!
  • Matt B.
    I haven't had any pricing issues with my regular trips to Somerfield. When I was at Uni in Sheffield I used to shop at Tesco, had to check my receipt before leaving as there was always a discrepancy. Of course it helped that I knew my basket total to the nearest pound before reaching the checkout : ) Sainsburys are pretty good, the problem there is the cunning shelf stacking. It can be very easy to pick up variations that don't qualify for the offer but are stacked on shelves with discount signs.
  • Angry M.
    I notice this applies to Cadburys Diary Milk(sic). Anyone ever tried that? Is it some new daily chocolate treat?
  • tom
    i've tried the diary version! i never miss an appointment whilst enjoying my favourite choc! thats why it costs a bit more,but its worth it!lol
  • Seasiderdave P.
    @ Nobby You're right, but none of the other items cost more than 60p. There was no opportunity for saving here. Sadly if I'd taken the whole shelf display the detail on the pricing label would have been lost by my phones crappy camera.
  • Seasiderdave P.
    And I know it's phone's not phones.
  • Lally
    Never a week goes by without Somerfield overcharging me for something. Is this compant policy ?
  • David
    The diary version contains DATES! (sorry).

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