In the shops now - a load of old rubbish

From today's Financial Times. Just don't all rush at once...




  • Shopdis F.
    I offered them a quid
  • Nicholson101
    I'll give some leftover euros, a half used biro, and an oyster card with 80p on it....
  • coldmocha
    Have a whip round in the BW office and put them out of their misery. Or at least obtain a copy of the confidentiality statement.
  • Bob
    I like the way they mention the Villa match. I wasn't going to bid unless I was told that vital and relevant bit of information.
  • Shiek m.
    I'll get Portsmouth cheaper :)
  • Darren
    In true HUKD style... Iver ordered 5 of these!!, thanks, plenty of heat...
  • Crystal B.
    [...] month we pointed you in the direction of a ‘For Sale’ ad in the Financial Times that was desperately punting the severely skint Crystal Palace Football [...]

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