In the shops now! #8: The ultimate Tesco yellow label

There's not much to say about this particular entry in the catalogue of suspicious point-of-sale material. It was submitted by Bitterwallet reader Bigbadtiger, who is either a whizz at Photoshop, has access to the mythical Tesco yellow label printing presses or has discovered that honesty is far from dead in the world of grocery retail:

"I've no idea what the label referred to," said Bigbadtiger, "as everything on the shelf was mixed up, although there was a crappy looking wooden statue thingy nearby." He also apologises for taking the photo through the bottom of a milk bottle.

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  • Andy
    While the others were believable, I have no doubt in my mind that this was doctored.
  • Tony
  • Rob
    I would say this is fake too, judging by the way the barcode appears to have been pasted in so that it sits over the vertical black line to the left of the "reduced to clear" wording. Not a bad fake, but I've seen better. Question is, why??
  • Jackthewelshman
    Yeah it looks a bit dodgy
  • Cal
    Wrong font and spacing is too high, but meh
  • Joff
    Why? Unrivalled fame and wealth of course.
  • Hugh J.
    6/10. On inspection, it's an obvious 'Shoop done by someone with rather basic skills. The barcode overlap error deserves a slap!
  • bigbadtiger
    I was the one that took the picture, it was in the reduce items section at the Tesco Crooksfoot store in Ashford Kent. I like the way that everyone has suddenly turned into photoshop experts, I haven't yet mastered ms paint so photoshopping the pic would have been at bit difficult (unlike some of the so called experts commenting on here). What do people want in future? Perhaps they want me to steal it from the store while being filmed and take it round to there houses in person?
  • Rob
    bigbadtiger - calm down mate, don't take it so personally! With the ludicrous amounts of photoshop fakes out there, it's no surprise that people are going to be cynical. I use photoshop every day and I still thought it was a fake (you've got to admit, the barcode looks a bit "stuck on").
  • Dave
    protesting too much.
  • scribbles
  • not_the_messiah
    FWIW, I think this is genuine... All the people saying the barcode looks stuck on and should not overlap the vertical black line should inspect this: The barcode on this "legitimate" deal "overlaps" the barcode too... Also, if you look further down to the 63p deal near the bottom of the shot, there appears to be exactly the same text on that ticket also... Smite me down with the sodomites if you will, but I think it is genuine...
  • Mike H.
    Do you really think if he'd photoshopped it he would have done a poor job of covering the line, when it's clearly a good job of the rest? It's simply a barcode sticker, numpties
  • Lam
    Would Tesco describe an item as " Tesco Load Of Rubbish" ? ( as it says in the pic ) the mind boggles.
  • jee
    Worst attempt at a photoshop ever? Can't believe this was even posted.
  • David P.
    A possible contender for ?
  • bigbadtiger
    I think everyone should pay a visit and check out item number 370146647473 which will show the item that Tesco was selling. While visiting a friend yesterday his son was playing with exactly the same toy. So much for photoshop.
  • smslån 5.
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