In the shops now! #7: Maplin's no-nonsense deals

While a few of you have nabbed bargains in the sales, it seems fair to say that January has been a disappointment for plenty of people. And is it any wonder when Maplin entice punters through the doors with promises of cut-price gadgets in their winter clearance, to then metaphorically smack them in the balls with a hammer of monks:

Of course they might be mistakes, but someone is pushing these numbers into spreadsheets, someone is printing these labels, someone is putting them on display and someone is managing the stores and shrugging their shoulders when customers ask whether they've noticed, the same manager who seemingly had the bollocks to sell Broadband USB as a special, in a manner that truly is as distant from the dictionary definition of special it it's possible to be. It's not bastard difficult really, is it?

Thanks to Bitterwallet reader Bill Bennett for the photos. Remember to keep an eye out for similarly iditiotic point-of-sale misdirection and send your pics to [email protected]


  • Andre
    But clearance and managers specials dont have to have money off...normally maybe, but not nessary...
  • dan
    going to maplins today will ask them...
  • P E.
    some tempting deals there lol
  • gidz
    thats one special (and kind) manager
  • al
    Thanks, but stop seeking every opportunity to swear in your articles. Not needed and makes you seem like a chav.
  • highguyuk
    Quote: Thanks, but stop seeking every opportunity to swear in your articles. Not needed and makes you seem like a chav. I thought exactly the same. This place gets slated on HUKD, and for the most part I disagree with it. But, you should be able to write with the usage of swear words.
  • Atom
    It's not the first time I've seen one of these. I took a photo of one a few months ago at the Maplins store in Chester. I didn't bother asking the staff about it though.
  • thebawp
    I had the misfortune of working in a Maplin store - from what I can remember all tickets where sent directly from head office so they're to blame for the ticket. I remember pointing out a similar error to my manager (I think it was a ticket that had a minus percentage on it or something stupid like that) and he told me to handwrite a clearance ticket for it instead, but to look up the oldest and highest price on the PC for the saving.
  • Matthew
    Tickets do not come form head office, they are printed in store. The problem is with the ticketing program. When you print batch runs you expect the system to pick out the correct WAS price automatically but it has a bug that uses incorrect pricing information, but is not clever enough to correct itself and sometimes even gives you savings of minus numbers! It's being looked in to. Any decent staff member would take the ticket down and have it reprinted. Having seen quite a few of these already you'll forgive us for not being surprised.
  • Chris(maplin c.
    to be honest the tickets that are printed in store with mistakes on are unfortunatley not recognised by the staff however if the customer was to bring it to the staffs attention im sure the customer would get a good explanation. thank you

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