In the shops now! #6: the supermarket deals that stack up

What better way to start your day and get the circulation going, than more supermarket deals that appear entirely boss-eyed at first glance. But we've changed, dear reader. Oh yes, we've heard your complaints and taken on board what you've had to say. So today we're bringing you deals that make perfect sense. There is no question whatsoever concerning the financial validity of these bargains.

The first, courtesy of Bitterwallet reader Rik Attrill, is less of a price-busting bargain, more a damning commentary by Sainsburys on these times of financial hardship; even their special offers have been affected by the credit crunch:

Mmm, doesn't that Prague lager taste all the sweeter for costing no more and no less than Sainsburys intended to sell it at. But I know what you're thinking: "That's all very well, but what we'd really like to see is another silly yellow label from Tesco, because we're all big fans of that shizzle!" Fear not. It's been 24 hours too long, but Bitterwallet reader Darren Woolstencroft has another label that offers a gift greater than financial savings - that of basic multiplication:

Any more for anymore? Send them our way please, you delicious people - [email protected]


  • Cam
    In the first photograph, the sign has fallen on the floor. See - the acutal deal is save £1. In the second photograph, we don't know if this is part of a wider deal or not? It would be useful if those emailing it could also inform us of if this is case.
  • vain
    The first one has two labels for the deal, one with 0p and one with 1p. Surely whoever put the one with 0p must have spotted something wrong, otherwise wouldn't every item not on promotion have a save 0p sign next to them?
  • Andy
    who cares about details!?!.........its funny!
  • Liddle m.
    Have you also noticed how Staropramen tastes like Vltava River water with a dash of vodka ... or is it just me?
  • The B.
    It's just you, it tastes like a very hoppy beer to me.
  • sedgwick
    This 'DR Oetker' fella gives me the creeps, I mean one minute he's running a verruca clinic, the next making tasty snacks....just dosen't seem right.
  • MB
    Cam - In the first photograph, the sign has fallen on the floor. See - the acutal deal is save £1. Or maybe it was purposely dropped on the floor to make it look like a stupid deal, just so it would be published. Just like all those heartwarming stories people used to make up to get Simon Bates to choose them to be on Our Tune.
  • Darren
    MB - zzz zzz its just a bit of fun!
  • choc-chic
    Even if it was purposely dropped to the floor to make it look like a stupid deal - the fact remains some numpty bothered to print and display the 0p one!
  • Liddle m.
    @ The Real Bob. Shows how much you know. Vltava River water is famed in Prague for it's hoppy beer-like taste and intoxicating effects. Indeed, what tourists mistake for traffic-noise during their short stop-overs in the city is actually the collective sound of locals muffling their uproarious laughter into their scarves at the visitors' ignorance in paying for pints of Staropramen in the bars and cafes. These are verifiable factoids.
  • 14 P.
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