In the shops now! #5: lightly salted, half-baked deals

"Dear Bitterwallet, regarding your feature In the shops now!: why can you not comprehend there are other products serviced by the offer in question; specifically in this example, the Doritos Dips, which will no doubt cost substantially more than the Lightly Salted Doritos. It's a clear case of presenting the facts out of context to propagate some elaborate conspiracy against Tesco. I refuse to accept that it may simply be a bit of daft fun, and therefore shall be contacting the authorities immediately."

Good news! It's the return of the feature where you take photographs of the oddities you find in supermarkets. We've hit something of a Tesco goldmine of late, with yellow label deals that just don't add up at first glance:

Thanks to Rachel Stephenson who stalked her local Tesco today's submission. Found something odd at your local supermarket? Send it to [email protected] Thanks!


  • Jim
    Haven’t we been here before? This is just getting boring. Yes, we all know this is part of a bigger deal, that is not fully shown by one biased photo. Yes, it is just a bit of fun. One post would have been fun, but now this is just getting stupid. Paul, why do you continue to post this tripe, when we all know it isn’t true and it is just plain boring?
  • Tony
    Its not Plain, its lightly salted
  • Big D.
    Actually I quite like these, as they continue to point out the rubbish deals that Tesco claim to have. They are just using the "Yellow Ticket Good" psychology...
  • Louisa
    Ah Jim honey, you said it yourself - it's just a bit of fun. These things always make me giggle when I see them in shops. It's nice to know there's someone taking snaps of them so I can enjoy them at home too!
  • Mike H.
    Oh FFS, mmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn (pushes tongue into bottom lip and makes nmnmnmnmnmnmnmnnm sound, and slaps wrist repeatedly)
  • tired
    Here, here! I think this is an article based around a comment on one of the other articles. At first yes it was a bit of fun but now it is tiresome. Seeing as you are a site for 'consumer hacks, tips & news from the trenches of the HotUKDeals community' how about you start providing info not already availiable on MSE rather than rubbish and copied articles from news sites.
  • Mike H.
    Quite right, I don't think I've ever seen, (apart from VVongs credit card debarcle) a consumer hack or tip from the trenches of the uk deal community, just recycled shite from other sites and posts. What are we paying these people for? Oh, we're not...
  • twilight
    "copied articles from news sites" means I don't have to trawl through other sites looking for something interesting "rubbish" gives me a good laugh Where's the harm in that?
  • MB
    The label applies to the whole doritos range, other flavours are £1.48, and the dips are £1.48. So there is a saving to be had if you use a wide angle lens and look at the bigger picture and buy three from the whole range. If you buy three Lightly Salted, you just get charged £2.31.
  • funny
    I think Tesco need to employ people with maths degrees as the deals don't seem to be good value. They would have been better with a three for two or three for £2.
  • funny
    MB, Why put the Lightly Salted in the offer then if the discount is not applied. I think it should be buy 3 and if under £3.50 Tesco refunds you the difference + 50p
  • Posterboy
    LOL did any of those people complaining read the beginning of this? Calm down everyone :)
  • funny
    It can work the other way too. I remember getting some BOGOF scones where one was reduced and Tesco ended up giving me money back e.g. Scones 49p or 2 for 80p but reduced to 10p means the till scanned 59p but was given back 21p
  • tired
    Open a section for the rubbish or something then, I am sure credibility means something to the editors and there is massive potential with a blog like this, just at the moment it seems to be lazy articles. I am not trying to just slate the site, a decent blog like the about us page suggests would be a great use to many in the UK (myself included) and now is the best time for it to succeed. These comments are trying to spur the editors on to make this site something great!
  • Mike H.
    Don't TOSSCO give you twice the difference back if you are overcharged?
  • Jim
    Yes Lousia, it is just a bit of fun, but the point is the deals aren't acutally that stupid when considered in the wider context. Thus, this is a non existant story that seems to take up 1 and 5 bitter wallet posts. Yes, we can have a little laugh, but what exactly are you laughing at? If you consider the wider context of the deal, I don't see the point. If you have fun walking around tescos laughing at the prices, then fair doos ;)
  • Hoddy
    As usual "Every Little Help" - Tesco's shareholders that is!!!!!! The Kings of the overpriced.........
  • Louisa
    Suppose so Jim. At least I'm getting winked at. THAT doesn't happen when I'm in Tescos!
  • MB
    funny - Why put the Lightly Salted in the offer then if the discount is not applied. The discount is applied if, for example, you buy one pack of Lightly Salted and two dips. They are allowing people flexibility in their choice of flavours, while still saving some money if they prefer the Lightly Salted ones - you just don't save as much (or maybe nothing). It's similar to their speciality teas. They often do two for £2, yet different varieties can vary in price - eg. £1.48 or £1.28 or £0.98. If you buy two of the £1.28, you won't save as much as buying two of the £1.48. If you buy two £0.98 you won't save. But you will save if you want to mix a £0.98 variety with a £1.28 variety.
  • Paul N.
    I've got to say I love you guys :) It's great to have someone who hates the site yet loves commenting and contributing to it. Seriously though Jim/Anon/Dave/etc I would suggest you are missing some of the point. Yes the way Halfords advertises bikes is within ASA guidelines. Same with Argos sales where the item was cheaper before. And indeed the same again with these Tesco ads. However, the point is that not only are they humourous they are problematic in a wider consumer sense. The use of sale colours and offer type language for something that is only mildly considered to be an offer is worrying. It is manipulating consumer behaviour for profit. Isn't that what all stores do? Yes of course they do. That is also why the site is here. Pointing out stupidity in advertising and offers doesn't make us big and clever but it does draw attention to the facade merchants attempt to construct around their consumer relationships. You can give a shit or you may not care. If you don't care about the issue then please leave it to the members that do care about it. Thanks :)
  • Mike H.
    We do care Paul, we don't want to see every offer that is 'slightly wrong if you buy 3 of the same, but OK if you mix'n'match'
  • Cam
    Indeed, it does seem a waste of time.
  • Jim
    Hey guys, do you really have to moderate all my comments?
  • pipster72
    These crop up all the time at work, price changes are issued from head office, not generated by store, the creator of the price change (whoever it is in the depths of head office), it would appear, is simply asked to reduce a line and hasn't spotted its already set in a promotional bucket of lines. This creates a ticket as shown above, nothing malicious, just human error (as shocking as the concept of anything other than conspiracy against customers!) . I can post 2 of these labels a week to you if you want a feature on it, but please feel free to shoot me down as nothing more than some sort of tesco infiltrator. Currently in store 800g Hovis wholemeal loaf £1 or '3 for £3'...or there's a couple of bottles of wine £8.31 or 2 for £8.... and don't forget the actual promotion...Energy saving lightbulbs £1 each or 5 for 40p this week only... P.S. Enjoying Bitterwallet regardless of the whom i can only say, if you don't like it you can always go elsewhere....i believe the internet is actually big enough for you to find other things to keep you amused...

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