In the shops now! #4: books that cost a few bucks more

Yet more extraordinary Tesco offers for some of us to enjoy a gentle chuckle at, and others to complain bitterly about as if we've just stepped in their face. Thanks to reader Paul Walters for their latest bargain:

Yeah, it's part of a mix n match offer, but what if you want two of those books? One for each eye? No? And buying two different books seems to be a rum deal too, juding by these examples. Anyway, whenever and wherever you see a special offer that appears to be flouting the laws of mathematics, take a photo and send it to Bitterwallet. Please note that it doesn't have to be taken at Tesco. Honest.


  • Andre
    That's a deal and a half...or rather a deal and minus a £1! I wonder how tesco's actually justify this, and furthermore how the sale on the recipt is... Book - £3.00* Book - £3.00* *Special offer 2 for £7.00 Total LOSS This Visit: £1.00!
  • P E.
    good to see Tesco is an equal opportunity employer as clearly they let RETARDS work for them!
  • doober
    under tescos over charging terms, if ypu bought 2 of these £3 books and were charged £7, you would get them for nothing. what you moaning at?
  • Matt
    Has anyone ever actually scanned any of these deals to see if they do actually over charge as so far I haven't noticed any claims of them actually over charging? Fair enough, it was funny the first time but for all you know, there could be a book being sold for £5 or £6 on it's own that is part of the offer which would make it a lot better.
  • Andre
    "under tescos over charging terms, if ypu bought 2 of these £3 books and were charged £7, you would get them for nothing. what you moaning at?" Thats a long time ago, they will refund the difference but thats all, as i found out when i was overcharged for a portable speaker.
  • chrisg
    Deja vu........... isn't this the 15th or 16th time you've run this story?
  • Sergeant R.
    "Deja vu……….. isn’t this the 15th or 16th time you’ve run this story?" What do you expect? This isn't the BBC you know. 4 illiterate monkeys does not a good consumer website make.
  • Ant
    Is anyone here forced to read? You see the title then decide, please stop moaning!.
  • Andrew L.
    I hear they're also doing 0% of all TVs. And a special "buy one, get one full price" on sat navs.
  • andy y.
    every little extra (profit) helps
  • quickrudenss
  • hairy
    andre wrong dude, tesco still do double the difference. i went in week after xmas as i was after a sony stero that had been reduced from 150 to 120 anyway went upstairs to electrical department-pish-its gone back up to original price.. oh well go downstairs and theres a stack of 2 of them on the floor, aha they are priced up at 120... decide to get it explaining tescos double difference policy to the mrs.. off to the till and WOOP scans at 150 therefore pay for it march across to customer service and get 60 credited back on my card making the hifi 90! barginous!!
  • Tobas.
    Good deal voted hot bought 10!
  • Andre W.
    @hairy Ah ok thats brilliant, even the other day when some deodrants come up at £1 more then should have been i only got the £1 back...think im getting mugged off...stupid biggest tescos in europe i believe and they mug me off! But nevertheless, it still wouldnt work out free as doober said
  • Dave
    Bitter wallett is a joke!! You don't have to have two ounces of intelligence to realise that there are several books in this offer. Some are £5, some are £6, some are £4, some are £3.... need I go on? So two out of these is a good deal!! Of course, you won't buy two £3 books. Is this clear enough? This site likes to poke fun at stupid things, well poke fun at yourselfs because this is a really stupid story! LOL.
  • Mike H.
    Exactly Dave, Why the chuff would you want two of the same fecking book? One for each eye? You wouldn't go in and go "Ooh fuck me, its buy 2 of the same book for £7 that's a bargain, I'm going to buy two for the hell of it" That's just lazy blogging BW
  • TheSaint
    Dave and Mike, did you read the blog I wonder, hmmm? It sez the offer is part of a mix and match! It's pointing out a funny sign and some prices that don't add up in the picture. Get over yourselves.
  • Dave
    Yes, well done TheSaint. But why is everyone going on like someone would acutally go in a buy two copies of the same book? This is a mix and match deal, which is exactly why this story is just plain stupid.
  • TheSaint
    There's a different book underneath for £3.86 so theres still no saving on those two? Think its just a bit of fun, maybe you should stop taking it or yourself so seriously or just go look at another website - I've heard theres more than one on the internet.
  • Tim H.
    Why would anyone buy two copies of the same book? Well lets say for instance that two relatives of you both read this author yet live miles apart from each other. Both have birthdays coming up and as a filler, so you buy a book for each. Not really a far fetched scenario really is it? This site is just a bit of fun - I like it, well most of it. If you don't like it, don't read it - easy option really. If you must read it, stop fucking moaning you belligerent bastards!
  • Mike H.
    Tim - So you want to spend £7 on two of the same book rather than £3 each? Numpty
  • Tim H.
    Mike: That is not what I was saying. I was simply presenting a scenario where you would want to buy two copies of the same book and backing up the point made in the OP.
  • Dave
    The fact that you many want to buy two copies of the same book is not relevant. The 2 for £7 deal is on several mix and match books. So you make a saving if you buy two books that when added together total more than £7. Yes, this is just a bit of fun. But nonetheless, don't you think it is just rather stupid? People are saying "Tesco is stupid for making this deal hahaha", but at the same time they themselves are being stupid because this one photograph isn't the full deal. When you look at the whole deal it is quite logical. Basically, as someone else said, this is just poor blogging, trying to make a story out of nothing. If you get fun out of this sort of thing, then fair dos, but the humour is falwed and uninteligent
  • Mike H.
    Dave, you got my point exactly, I was saying that it is lazy blogging just to recycle the same-old, same-old, even if it's nothing like the other "stoopid" offers presented by TOSSCO
  • Jim
    It makes you think hey - the other bitter wallet "bad deals" posted last week e.g. the walkers crisp deal. Could really have been part of bigger deals that do make sense. Surely the idea behind this site is to point it out when things go wrong, not bend the truth to make a story out of nothing.
  • Mike H.
    Unfortunately Jim, that's what happens at BW
  • anon
    Really what warrants another article about tesco and their pricing?!! It is blatent when you read the price on the book under the shelf that this is probaly the only book that costs less than £3.50 on it's own. If your not copy pasting from other good sites you are repeating yourself in more useless articles. Way to go...
  • Paul W.
    Hi. I took this photo. Yes it’s supposed to be a bit of fun so I'm not going to get into a slagging match of why you buy 2 of the same book. The only thing I will say is that this was the only book in this section with a big 2 for £7 label. All this others just had it stuck on the book. If you’re going to offer this and most of the other books were £3.86, put the flippin label on one that is £3.86 so it actually makes sense!
  • cricut t.
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