In the shops now! #3: More <em>special</em> offers from Tesco

When I started this feature a couple of days ago with my diatribe against pre-poured wine, I was expecting my local supermarkets to provide the bulk of the material with their ludicrous offers, incorrect prices and frankly baffling products (just waiting til I get to the post about pineapples - it's a belter, honest).

Never mind me though, because thank to your eagle eyes, Tesco are coming up with the goods (arf) at the moment. Following a perplexingly straight forward offer on Walkers Crisps, Bitterwallet reader Mike has this unmissable offer for all fans of Cadbury Choc Break Hot Choc Twin Sachets:

Note to Cadbury: sack whoever is naming your products. A fetus would make a better stab at it than whichever nutsack sold you Cadbury Choc Break Hot Choc Twin Sachets.


  • Mike H.
    Wow what a bargain, I'd rather pay £1 than 87p, save myself -13p, where those -2p pencils... I love Cadburys Hot choc break choco choc chocs
  • Ant
    YES! ASDA love to do this! and they charge the higher rate! a few months ago! asda brand High Julce was 89p each or 2 for £2
  • Mike H.
    Instead of the now defunct 'Feral Trolley of the week' can we have a Special offer of the week?
  • MB
    Take three of them to the till. Insist they scan each one separately, and pay for each one individually. Preferably with American Express.
  • Bob
    I think a fetus would make a better stab at writing the articles on this site TBH.
  • adman
    Does this site have a problem with Tesco or something? As Ant said Asda do worse, thay charge you MORE for products if you buy say 3 of them. Another example of this in Asda is on their own brand Isotonic sports drinks. Cheaper to buy 1 bottle a few times than it is to buy their 4 pack or the occasional '3 for £x'. It's like there is propoganda against tesco or something. The ticket displayed in this 'article' and the crisps article the other day are usually part of a mix and match deal. You have decided to omit that detail and pick the cheapest products covered by the deal thus making them look like incredibly small savings.
  • N E.
    Congrats BitterWallet, you've attracted your first conspiracy theorist in the form of adman!
  • adman
    Blogs are well known for swaying the publics views, the best example I know of is engadget. It is owned and run by a blu-ray investor. So during the format wars they bashed hd-dvd and didn't give a fair unbiased view, which probaly contributed to hd-dvds downfall (I don't think it was a main factor). I'm not saying that is what's happening here, I'm just pointing out it seems like BW has a problem with Tesco.
  • Paul S.
    @adman - if people wish to send in examples of prices from other supermarkets, we'll happily feature them. Just yesterday I asked somebody to send in a Waitrose example they'd mentioned. If people only send us Tesco examples, that's what you'll see. And that UFO crash the other day wasn't real, just so you know.
  • ODB
    @Paul...thats what they tell you...
  • Mike S.
    @adman Mix and match? This wasn't part of a mix and match deal, if you go in the tesco where I spotted it you will find that same label there but with the offer bit covered up. I bought 3 of them and I was charged 87p. It was clearly an error on their part but an amusing one. I seriously doubt that anyone with any sense is put off tesco on the basis of this comic error.
  • Pokey
    Adman, they can hardly construct a proper sentence around here, if they can think of anything to write about. This site is not capable of contributing to any kind of conspiracy. Those fetuses would have more success.
  • bigchimp
    Loving your work pokey, staying up until that time of the morning posting comments about FUCK ALL. Keep at the footpump, your girlfriend will be ready soon.
  • Jim
    As Tesco says 'Every Little Helps'

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