In the shops now! Price puzzle at WH Smith - book'em, Dano

Avid Bitterwallet reader Dan is getting on a bit, and he's not afraid to admit it:

"As I'm getting older and generally drinking more I've noticed I'm beginning to forget important dates, so I started trawling the net to look for a diary for keeping dates and anniversaries. I later found out I was actually looking for something called a birthday book. That's when I spotted this online at WH Smiths:"

Bitterwallet - a birthday book from WH Smith

But click on the larger image, and:

Bitterwallet - birthday book from  WH Smith

It's not a mandatory P&P charge - the options for delivery state that collection in-store and first-class delivery are free. Probably just an out-of-date photo then, so let us know if you spot one for sale in-store. After all, charging a 22 per cent mark-up for an online sale would be rude.


  • myiphoneisbroken
    does this deserve an article (the text just above "Blu-ray from £6.99")?
  • Jack
    ^^^ I know, its so annoying and I see that all the time from places like too. E.g. I've seen - "DVD's from £3.99", you take a look and the cheapest is £2.99 lol!
  • myiphoneisbroken
    Ah man, they changed it - basically it was saying "Autumn Specials" when were are quite clearly in winter. Obviously the hmv scouts have this site bookmarked!

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