In the shops now! #2: Tesco makes an offer you can refuse

No sooner do we point out the miserable sale prices available to our US cousins, than you find equally ridiculous examples on this side of the Atlantic. Bitterwallet reader Alan points to Hot UK Deals, where forum member hippyharry has discovered a sensational non-bargain in Tesco:

Every little helps, see, and you can't get any littler than nothing whatsoever. I'll take four, please. The offer might not be on when I come back.


  • Mike H.
    TESCO think if they plaster things with a yellow label people (numpty buckets) will think it's a bargain, very clever from TESCO
  • elpardo
    still a rubbish deal but i think the twist is you can get the other flavours if you get the 2 for 2.50 where as the 1.25 is only for ready salted
  • Craig
    Asda have the same on Tetley tea bags £3 or 2 for £6 - I think you get an "I am a dumbass" badge if you buy 2.
  • Benjimoron
    elpardo is likely right, for all we know the other flavours are more expensive therefore it's still a saving. Not if you only buy ready salted but there is an offer to save money there.
  • callum
    They do this in my local veg shop. Everything is marked as 2 for xxx, then if you buy one if them it turns out to be half the "offer price".
  • MB
    You lot can take the mick, but do you realise it took a tesco worker four hours to work this out. He was so proud of his maths, he advertised it on the shelf edge.
  • Chairman
    @MB WIN
  • Nick
    Just been shopping at my local tesco (allerton) they have an offer on a pack of 10 stella 440ml 4% beers, either £6 a pack or two for £14???????????
  • Paul
    I work sainsburys and think head office been a bit silly recently had so many offers like 2 for £6 but thre only £2 each :S
  • In B.
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  • Gruffy
    Yerh saw the same at Tescos on pringles after xmas they was 70'ish pence, now back up to $1.50 or 2 for £2.50 FFS whats going on ? there's a credit crunch on, no pringle crunch here :(

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