In The (American) Shops Now! Bit racist isn't it?



  • Hmm...
    And the vile bastards at target have beaten the dog up as well.
  • ekky
    Sure that's not an Black Old Fogies zimmer frame?
  • Duds
    I saw a DVD of Black Books in the UK too, it's spreading! Or it's a stupid post. One of the two.
  • Stez
    lmao xD
  • Nobby
    Still requires a computer to go on it. No doubt they will steal that later.
  • Graham
    slow news day
  • D72
    That's not racist, it's something only blacks can use....that's "positive discrimination" They wouldn't be allowed to advertise a "White Kid's Computer Desk" though, that certainly would be racist
  • Michael
    Me Wog One!
  • Rich
    Hmmmm seems like they've changed the name to make it more "pc" (sorry lol) and also increased the price.
  • Rogue
    This has been around for like 5 years. Nice spot *rolls eyes*.
  • Haleema
    Wow...virtual rolling :s It is quite funny,tbh Imagine doing a white one,it would be funny to a minority but deeply offensive,more so.. I wonder why :p

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