In other news - man bites, dog, pigeon beats broadband

Photo by Squacco on Flickr. Some rights reserved. I'm reasonably sure this happened today. Or yesterday. The BBC are reporting on it today, and for once it's not one of our stories they've ripped off, which means it's probably proper news.

So which is faster? Broadband or pigeon? 100 years ago, the answer would be pigeon since broadband wasn't even a fifth generation twinkle in an engineer's eye. Today, it's surely no contest. Give a bird a memory stick and ask it to race a bunch of wires in the ground, and surely there can be only one winner. It probably would be true - unless you're in South Africa.

To prove they were being shilled by the country's biggest broadband provider, a Durban IT company pitted an 11-month-old racing pigeon against Telkom's ADSL service. Winston the pigeon took took one hour and eight minutes to fly between two offices of Unlimited IT, while the data took another hour to upload on to their system. Meanwhile, the same data sent by ADSL was about 4% uploaded in the same time. Oh dear.



  • goon
    and the iphone relates to this how ?
  • Chris
    Anyone in or who has worked or lived in SA will not be the least bit surprised.
  • mclovin
    'The BBC are reporting on it today, and for once it’s not one of our stories they’ve ripped off' LOL.
  • Steve B.
    It must have been a lucky pigeon. Most humans attempting the same feat would have had a gun pointed at their head and been removed of their car, their money and said USB stick, before, shortly afterwards, their life.
  • Junkyard
    Amazing. And what was the ping time and latency like for the pigeon? Never underestimate the bandwidth of a pigeon full of USB sticks hurtling through the sky.
  • F.D. A.
    I'm sure it would have been better to get 10 pigeons instead of one... Trying to get 10 BB lines in SA would cost a fortune
  • Mike U.
    Is that a rare white tiger I see reading the story on a PC, I thought Sigfreid and Roy had the entire world polulation residing in Las vegas!!!

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