In my hospital, the doctors are crying

The British Medical Association recently had an investigation into the squalid conditions that junior doctors live in. Think: cockroaches, rodents, banging doors, holes in the wall, dirty carpets, unflushed toilets... the video speaks a thousand words.

And yes. It's true. Been there, done that. And believe it or not, junior doctors pay similar prices renting a crappy room like this in hospital, vs renting a room in a nice apartment with friends.

Why don't they do it? Well, they do. But new junior doctors don't know better, and are often not allowed to be further than 10 minutes away from hospital when on-call, which makes it that much more 'convenient' to be on-site.

To see the kind of accomodation we're talking about, and to learn more about the campaign, here's a short video:

So next time when the nurse bleeps your doctor at 3 in the morning, make sure you also ask her to make him a nice cup of tea. The wonders of the NHS.

Text information of the campaign can be found on the BMA website:


  • Bazzaric
    In the Hospital I work in, I can assure you Doctors of any level get all the perks...accomodation being the main one. They have a team of people who look for the best possible accomodation for them. The reason the internal accomodation is soo shocking is because the doctors get it that way in the first place. Doctors are the biggest risk of there own health. I've seen the accomodation up in flames several times due to the lack of common sense shown by our finest.
  • Vince W.
    Actually I do agree with the common sense thing. I think it's mostly for junior doctors. They do party hard. But also most docs don't get much choice over what part of the country they have to suddenly move to. Only July 31 they can be in East London, then by Aug 1 in a remote part of Northern England. Moving to a new part of the country every few months. In general, there's still alot of work that needs done with the NHS.
  • junior d.
    Up until this year accommodation for first year doctors was free although I would advise anyone to change the beds (unless you are a fan of bedbugs). Bazzaric sounds a bit bitter, not sure what perks he's talking about-the late nights and long hours and shifts which end hours after they technically should?
  • Vince W.
    yeah i was lucky junior doc. was in the last year batch for free 1st year accomodation. and u're right. there aren't really any perks. whichi s why i left :)

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