In India, the Blackberry is not the only fruit

When foreign tech manufacturers knock out a half-arsed fake, you can usually rely on them to rip off the name of the original product. But these guys have gone for something new yet still stuck rigidly to the fruit theme, and created a possible brand extension that Blackberry will be kicking themselves for not thinking of first:

Bitterwallet - the Blackberry 'Blackcherry' from India
As spotted by avid Bitterwallet reader Rishi Shah in the Gujrath Times of India. You all want one, admit it.


  • David
    It's got to be better than the original. I have a blackberry pearl and it's about as easy to navigate as a European law that's been translated into 15 languages.
  • Ben
    A bargain at just under £50 as well. And they promise it's good quality. They promise!
  • Tom P.
    WOW a bargain at £44. Could buy a shed load full and sell them to the thick twats on eBay.
  • Nobby
    A blackcherry for under £50. Are their sex tourism laws in India?
  • Late
    "Shop using your credit card and get FREE stylish watch" This deal gets better and better the more you look at it!
  • Chris
    :O it has a wireless FM radio!!! Now I can put away the wired version on my phone!!!
  • augustus
    Wow - it even has a 'valid and unique' IMEI number!!! I've always wanted one of those!
  • Shitfaced
    These clones are proper shit. I bought a chinese iPhone clone in 2008, and although it has dual sim capability (which is really cool) , it looks bollocks and the navigation is equally bollocks. And it looks NOTHING like an iPhone, so a pretty crap clone all round. And it cost me nearly £50.
  • jimmy_jock
    hey shitfaced where you shitfaced when you bought that? off topic anyone heard that the british government will be paying off the taliban with your tax money? hee hee! oh and good on the blacks in south africa , kill those crackers !! hee hee peace to the rest.
  • zeddy
    Black cherry, snigger. Get it?

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