In case you thought modern ads weren't subtle...

... try this...

__img341_4485_milki [Boing Boing]


  • Mankind
    WTF is dis real?
  • THE D.
  • Jack T.
    That's either one fucking enormous fly or the thermos is really small.
  • stella
    "death-dealing germs" are defo the ones you need to watch out for.
  • foxy f.
    What about mosquitoes? Don't they carry bad aids and stuff, and are a lot worst than flies.
  • Richard
    oh yeah, mosquitoes are the deadly guys deffo, with all their 'bad AIDS' and stuff,. I used to be scared of flies, till I found out they only carry 'good AIDS' :-P
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. Am i still BANNED for leaking the True or False Friday answers?
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. That is not a Thermos flask, it is a Stanley Flask. It is using the Thermos name after it was declared a generic trademark in North America around 1963.
  • 4:15 R.
    @Brian I think you've just missed a train that needs spotting....
  • Felacio N.
    Don't forget to switch off the poison sockets too. Remember, poison sockets are full of poison.
  • Chris M.
    Flies don't carry good aids. Mosquitos do. Good AIDS comes from blood transfusions. lrn2cm
  • Amanda H.
    Is this flask compatible with weak lemon drink? ANSWER ME!
  • Chris M.
    *also comes from blood. Bad AIDS comes from sexy time and drugs.
  • Nobby
    This article was in the Daily Mail. They have just used the word flies instead of immigrants.

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