Important US government public service announcement...

Just in case you weren't sure...



  • Boris
    Depends what you're hiding and where you are hiding it.
  • haywood_jablome
    "HIV is a virus that is not spread by day to day contact" Surely having sex with a prostitute every night is "day to day contact"
  • Gordon B.
    You will if I hide my peep in your vajayja!
  • The B.
    We're all hoping Gordon Brown doesn't have AIDS after he fucked everyone in the UK.
  • Yue
    @ Boris Our brains think too much alike on this one. :) @Bob GB didn't fuck you, the banking system did. There's just no way you could comprehend that is there?
  • Feddie G.
    I did :-(
  • captain c.
    Boris and The Real Bob are stars. Yue, for every £1 in tax GB got, he spent or promised £1000, how can it NOT be his fault?? Our GRANDCHILDREN will still be paying off the debts he and TB ran up while they were in power.
  • Mustapha S.
    Who is 'Feddie Mercury'? Is that Freddie's morbidly obese brother?
  • Stan L.
    That girl looks like Matt Lucas.
  • The B.
    @Yue, I notice you didn't come back to captain cretin on this, care to explain how TB and GB took a level balance during a time of rampant prosperity, ran up a £2 billion debt and it's the fault of the bankers? Only a BA Hons could follow that logic.
  • captain c.
    That is £2 Billion PLUS the mega multi billion PFI iceberg. The PFI airtankers for the RAF could have been bought "off the shelf" by the RAF for £15 million each, instead, under a PFI deal, they are currently expected to cost £150 million each!! and they STILL havent been delivered, TEN YEARS AFTER THEY WERE ORDERED!!
  • Mike H.
    Surely it depends if you're playing hide 'n' seek with a sireal rapist with a sore throat and a nasty rash.
  • Yue
    @Cretin The Daily Mail isn't fact mate.
  • The B.
    @Yue, beautiful comeback, did that take a full day to come up with? Still no explanation as to how Labour left the country in massive debt but it's the bankers fault, I hope that sand you've got your head in is chilled, wouldn't want that cell overheating would we?
  • Buzz
    She's not hiding very well
  • Dick
    That is a dodgy looking frame. The corners are not joined properly. I wouldn't believe a message in a bad frame. It is just not professional.

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