Important consumer tip - turn your coffee into an owl

Want all the pleasure of owning your own owl but without the noise and clawing and droppings and the fear that it'll peck your eyes out while you sleep?

Simply drop a couple of Hula Hoops into your coffee and hey bingo, you're the proud owner of an owl.


Insert your own owl pun or say stuff about foxes in the box below. Either way, it'll be ignored by 95% of our readership.



  • Tim B.
    C'mon BW - 'Ow low can you get with these shitty stories?
  • lumoruk
  • lumoruk
    either that is an extra large bucket of coffee or someone's been tripping at the hula hoop factory.
  • Mike M.
    I love foxes best of all the animals I love foxes they're my friends
  • Tweedskin
    Have you "tweeted" this story.....?
  • Haggis
    I resent the final statement. Many readers enjoy BW primarily for the fox comments.
  • anna
    what a hoot
  • Sicknote
    Fark off - some spotty little twat spent an hour making this photo on his white apple computer. Get a life you little twat and a girlfriend and some sun..
  • Lurpak
    been a few quiet news days hasn't it BW? Better get out to the flood hit zones & see if there are any washed up drowned foxes on the riverbanks.
  • Dick
    You can get a similar "mouse face" effect by drowning a mouse in your coffee. It works with cats and small dogs too, although you do need to decapitate them before dunking the heads.
  • 2wit2woo
    I would like to see a fox in hot chocolate. MMmm. Or a scary duck face.

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