Important consumer news: Hitler reincarnated as bottle of lotion




  • Mike H.
    But it also looks like a pair of bikini bottoms with a massive bush splurging over the top
  • Wonky H.
    He's not dead, so how can he be reincarnated. Do you get a load of money from the lotion people to peddle this crap etc etc etc
  • Nobby
    What a load of crap. The parting is on the wrong side for a start. And he has already been reincarnated once ...
  • Grammar N.
    Yes Wonky Henry, the lotion people must surely be paying a king's ransom to get bitterwallet to show a reverse shot of their product which gives absolutely no indication of what brand it is. Dullard.
  • Chef R.
    WTF! Yada yada yada
  • mark M.
    We've got a picture of a bottle of shampoo that looks like Chick Hicks from Cars... just saying ;)
  • andy y.
  • im t.
    is this bottled gas
  • Wonky H.
    Are both ethnic cleansers?
  • chris
    Sometimes this blog is facepalm
  • Davidson
    Really guys? Someone has posted this, which I thought was actually pretty funny, and 2 of you have nothing better to do than moan about it? The sad state of affairs that must be your lives!! Obviously it's not actually Hitler reincarnated you sad muppets, so why do you feel the need to bitch about it? Just say 'oh yeah, it does look a bit like him! that's ammusing' and be done with it. Don't like it? Don't comment! simple! I bet all you do is search the internet all day, and that's why you only complain about things that you don't like, because you've wasted your days flooding your tiny minds with too much information and images... What's next? You gonna start crying about the feral trolleys because 'they're not really feral'????
  • robo h.
    What a splendid post
  • Anus
    Is it Herr lotion ?
  • Dirty F.
    I thought nothing could top today's iphone articles but I was so wrong...
  • me
    P.s I've taken all my meds today.
  • James D.
    Admins - stop deleting all my posts. I'm a changed man.
  • donttouchthehair
    I once noticed that some towels in my bathroom were casting the shadow of Princess Di. True Story.
  • pierced n.
    i don't think i could bang my twat with hitlers head
  • Wonky H.
    I've got a really good story about towels, bins and bus queues, but I can't tell it because it contains the f-word. Yes, that f-word.
  • paul
    gold. lol

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