I'm sorry sir, but you have a bit of fluff on your suit

Bitterwallet - Suitsupply

Bejesus, they're at it again. The publicity shot is from the spring marketing campaign for Suitsupply - you'll probably remember their previous campaign involved a lot of tits and ass. So does this one. This is about the only photo we could find that woun't poke your eye out.

If you've got a few minutes and nobody's watching, you can find the rest of the Suitsupply campaign here.


  • Jamie
    Nice fabric....
  • chalky
    I thought this was a medical thing cos on HUKD's link it's titled "I’m sorry sir, but you have a bit of flu..."
  • varchar
    Looks like they were trying to be arty, but failed. I like the picture of the guy with a snake on his head though - it makes no sense!!
  • will
    I dont get what is up with their spines.....
  • LD
    Better Beachwear http://wickedweasel.com/en

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